Quake2X-LE - Quake2 for Xbox Lantus Edition V1.00

This is Quake2 for Xbox consoles ported from Quake2Forge sources. 
The distribution comes with the shareware PAK file to get you started.

Disclaimer: Repi already ported Quake2 over 2 years ago. However I 
felt there were some things missing in his port so I decided to make my own.
Repi's port contains hardware rendered graphics, which look far superior
to Quake2x-LE which uses SDL based software renderer. The choice is yours.


  - Full singleplayer
  - Full multiplayer support
  - Mod Menu for expansion paks/TC's etc
  - Gamepad/Mouse/Keyboard support.
  - Customizable inputs
  - PAL60 support
  - CDDA audio.
  - Uses SDLx
  - Source code released

Currently not implemented
  - Hardware rendering
  - Rumble support


Fire             Right trigger
Jump             Left trigger
Crouch		 Left thumb
Next weapon	 DPad up
Prev weapon	 DPad down
Walk             Left stick Y
Strafe           Left stick X
Look up/down     Right stick Y
Look left/right  Right stick X
Inventory left	 Dpad Left
Inventory right  Dpad Right
Inventory use	 Right thumb

Controls can be customized via the 'Options' menu, and
by editing your config.cfg files.

Advanced Control Editing

The following settings are to adjust analog sticks:

set j_strafe "<axis number>"
set j_throttle "<axis number>"
set j_ud_axis "<axis number>"
set j_lr_axis "<axis number>"

where axis number can be:

      0 = left stick left/right
      1 = left stick up/down
      2 = right stick left/right
      3 = right stick up/down

To alter look sensitivity use:

set m_pitch "<new value>"
set m_yaw "<new value>"


Screen position and size can be modified by opening up
the Quake2 console and modifying the following values:

set vid_xbox_ystretch "0"
set vid_xbox_xstretch "0"
set vid_xbox_ypos "0"
set vid_xbox_xpos "0"


Quake2x-LE supports full online play. If you dont have a keyboard
to enter IP addresses in the game. Open up your config.cfg file
and add IP addresses of your favorite quake2 servers in the following:

set adr8 "<ip goes here>"
set adr7 "<ip goes here>"
set adr6 "<ip goes here>"
set adr5 "<ip goes here>"
set adr4 "<ip goes here>"
set adr3 "<ip goes here>"
set adr2 "<ip goes here>"
set adr1 "<ip goes here>"
set adr0 "<ip goes here>"

when you restart Quake2x-LE you will be able to connect to your servers.

Quake2 server list can be found at http://www.gameaholic.com/servers/quake2/

Support over XLink/KAI should work fine. However this is untested at this time.
Notes on CDDA

CDDA audio works fine, however expect a slight drop 
in framerates since there is a performance hit associated
with streaming audio as it requires CPU time.

Contact Info


email: lantus@lantus-x.com

Credits & Thanks

ID Software, Sam Lantinga, Iriez & Xbins