y:-----------::://-`                   o:     .ss:------+:        `s-----/s:------o-      /+------oy
y.                -+:                  o:     .sy.       /+`      `s     -so.     `o:   `+/     `+:y
y.     -:::--`      +:         `       `//::://`y.        -o-     `s     -+.o-     `o- `+:     .o- y
y.     +:```-o`     -s   `-://:/::/:-` `://+//:.y.         `+:    `s     -+ `+:     `+:o-     :+`  y
y.     +-   `o.     :o .//-`       `-///+`````:+y.    `:     :+.  `s     -+   //`    `o-    `//`   y
y.     /+:::/-     -o.//`    .---.    .o/     :+y.    `y+`    .+- `s     -+    :+`    `    .+:     y
y.     `````    `-//`//     /+---o:    ./     :+y.    `y-+-    `//.s     -+     -s`       `s-      y
y.             -+o` `s`    `//:::/:     -     :+y.    `y `//`    -os     -+    .+:         :+.     y
y.     /+//.    `:+..o                  .     :+y.    `y   -+.    .+     -+   -+.    `/     .+-    y
y.     +- .+:     `++s     `+///////////:     :+y.    `y    .+:          -+ `//`    `++/     `+/   y
y.     +-  `//      /y-     :+:-----:/+s/     :+y.    `y      :+`        -+.+-     `o- /+`     :+` y
y.     +-    :+`     -s-     `.----.``-y/     :+y.    `y       .o-       -s+.     .o.   -o`     -o.y
y.     +-     .o.     `oo:`          `/y/     :+y.    `y        `+/      -/`     -o`     -o`     `oy

Hey, you! Haven't you got any shame? These files are illegal and not to be shared anymore! Darth Meteos would not be happy to see you using these files!
What? You don't care?! But- ugh. fine. have the dumb files.

Included in this package are all the files you'll need to install and run NSP files, as well as some other goodies that are completely optional.
There is a current limitations to these files, in that LayeredFS isn't working just yet. However, now that you have RomMenu, you should be just fine.

If you keep this limitation in mind, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.

METEOS RECOMMENDS: "Hey kids, have you played Medabots AX for the Game Boy Advance? It's a game that almost nobody played, but it actually got a Wii U Virtual Console release. Maybe you can use the stuff in this pack's Meteos Recommends! folder to play it? Also, I included the Homebrew App Store in this and future releases, to make it easier for you to get more homebrew!"
Smug Bot Sez: "I did not hit her, it's not true, it's buolshit, I did not hit her, I did not. Oh hai, ROMMenu."

- Meteos Recommended Pick: Medabots AX: Rokusho Version
- Replaced ROMMenu with the correctly-branded one

- Meteos Recommended Pick: Medabots AX: Metabee Version
- Made credits more professional
- Added the Homebrew App Store to the release to assist the acquistion of new homebrew
- Returned use of HBMenu after reports of some homebrew not working with ROMMenu
- Added the Meteos Recommends! folder

- Changed the folder infrastructure to remove all parts of Tinfoil
- Achieved sentience with Smug Bot

- Updated HBMenu
- Replaced Tinfoil with ROMMenu
- Updated ReadMe with Changelog and other goodies
- Sold out and changed the guide to get stickied on GBATemp

- Added a new version of Tinfoil that can do way more stuff.
- Updated ReadMe
- Started release date SHA256 releases.

- Added sigpatch support for 2.x and 3.x
- Added a sick readme with ASCII art done by Darth Meteos himself
- Made Biscuit best girl

these people are not credited in order of their achievement
- Reisyukaku made this CFW from the ground up
- The team at ReiSwitched helped, too
- Ketzakwatl made ES patches for 2.x and 3.x
- br4z0rf and Calypso from ReiSwitched helped him
- itsjch made the ROMMenu splash screen
- Darth Meteos took the hard work of all these people, slapped it in a zip, and took a lot of the credit
- Zoey held us all together and we aren't ever going to stop missing her.
- You downloaded this custom firmware to use it, and read the ReadMe all the way through. You're the most important component of ReiNX, and we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you.