This is a beta release of ReiNX with nca fixed key sigpatches via fs.kip1 and es signature patches (/titles/0100000000000033) to allow for nsp installs.
Currently only compatible with 5.1.0

hekate: Extract the 0100000000000033.rar to atmosphere/titles so you end up with atmosphere/titles/0100000000000033/exefs/main(.npdm)

Put the FS.kip in /modules

Add kip1=modules/FS.kip to your favourite hekate config(edited)
ReiNX: Extract the 0100000000000033.rar to ReiNX/titles so you end up with ReiNX/titles/0100000000000033/exefs/main(.npdm)

Put the FS.kip in ReiNX/sysmodules