Yabause Community Edition PUBLIC A1.0
This is the XBOX port of Yabause (http://yabause.org), an Open Source Sega Saturn emulator, to the XBOX.

It emulates Sega Saturn games, what else did you expect :-P

Important Notes
- This version is NOT officially supported by the Yabause developers
- Overall emulation speed is pretty mediocre for 2D games, don't even bother playing 3D titles
- Bugs like lockups, sound stuttering and very low framerates are likely to happen
- Please don't ask me for games or roms, google is your friend
- Yabause Community Edition is a proof-of-concept, people said it would not be possible at all, they were wrong
- Open Source means that you will also find the full emulator source code within this archive
- Unfortunately i haven't had the time to implement a proper ingame menu, so you will have to use the launcher to change settings
- Some of you may notice the new design of the launcher, this a WIP version built from scratch, feel free to test it :)
- Under no circumstances you should compile the source, include it in your project and give credit to yourself!
- Check the EmuXtras forum to get support and updates
- Keep in mind that this is still an ALPHA version, you should be happy if it works for you

Emulator settings
There are 6 options that allow you to disable various background layers, which 
compose the final output on your screen. As a general advice you should hide as many
!unused! layers as possible to improve speed. Also, if you're experiencing
graphical artifacts like having only 1 bright screen (e.g. Bomberman Wars), 
you should just try to find and hide the according layer (e.g. Rotation Scroll).
Be careful though, if you happen to get a black background or missing graphics,
you should revert your last change(s).

Too many to count!
If you find any, fix 'em, source code is included

ported by freakdave