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                    |  _| | |  __/  __/ |_) | |_| | |_| || |
                    |_| |_|  \___|\___|____/ \___/ \___/ |_|
                                    [v0.03 - coded by ikari]

I.  Introduction

   freeBOOT is a rebooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360. This version of freeBOOT
   allows you to reboot into kernel 2.0.9199 on all Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, and
   Jasper consoles, which are vulnerable to the JTAG hack.

   This version of freeBOOT no longer requires a second flash memory and will
   thus work with all currently existing solutions.

II. Bug Fixes

   - fixed profile corruption
   - fixed xb1 emu
   - updated xellous

III. New Features

   - updated to kernel 2.0.9199

   - now supports all consoles and flashing solutions (ikari)

   - removed memory protections

     Code can be executed and modified anywhere in the range from 0x80000000
     to 0x9FFFFFFF. This can be used to create game trainers and will allow
     for porting of emulators, which rely on dynamic compilation.
     [2 different patches 1 with this: xbox1 emu doesn't, 1 without xbox1 emu does work]

   - encrypted DevKit XEXes are now working

   - includes dash launch patch

   - LIVE/PIRS/GOD content fully working

   - internal security breach reports deactivated (Redline99)

   - easier image generation process (ikari)

   - ibuild can now also generate single flash XeLL and original images (ikari)

IV. Instructions

   In contrast to previous freeBOOT releases, the image generation process has
   been made a lot easier. As prerequisites you will need an image of your
   console updated to kernel 2.0.7371 [recommended] and an archive "9199.zip" available
   at the usual places.

   1. Extract your original image

      Extract your original 7371 [recommended] image with the following command:

       ibuild.exe x -d temp\ -p [cpu key] -b [1bl key] 7371.bin

   2. Extract "9199.zip" archive

      Extract the contents of the "9199.zip" archive into the "data"

   3. Copy these files from "temp" to "data" directory

      - crl.bin
      - crl.bin.meta
      - extended.bin
      - extended.bin.meta
      - kv.bin
      - odd.bin
      - odd.bin.meta
      - secdata.bin
      - secdata.bin.meta
      - smc_config.bin

  4. Patch SMC

     Put a patched "smc.bin" in the "data" directory. For Cygnos360, a
     patched SMC can be created with their software. There's also a
     collection of patched SMCs available at the usual places. Make sure
     to pick the right one for your console.

     For other solutions, a patched SMC can be extracted from previously
     released XeLL images [smc_dec.bin].

  5. Choose your patches in the "bin" directory there are 2 directories:
     "patches [full mem editing]" and "patches [xb1 compatibility]".
     If you want xbox1 emu use "patches [xb1 compatibility]",
     if you want to be able to have full memory access use the other.

  6. Create the freeBOOT image

     Finally, create your freeBOOT image with this command:

      ibuild.exe c freeBOOT -c [console] -d data\ -p [cpu key]
         -b [1bl key] bin\image.bin bin\fuses.bin

     Replace [console] with either "xenon", "zephyr", "falcon", "jasper",
     "jasper256" or "jasper512" [without quotes].

VII. Credits

     Thanks a lot to [cOz] and Bliep4Ever for providing most of the new
     patches in this release. Without their support, this would not have been
     possible. Greetz to unknown_v2 and jester.

ikari, 2010/04/19