ZsnexBox 3.4

What's new:

-Added Video preview support. Video previews must be in xmv
format. A tutorial is included. 

-Added a force feedback database. Thanks to giles9999
who made many of these.

-Added the ability to flip the screen horizontally

-Added an image viewer

-The classic song is remembered when ZsnexBox is restarted.

-Fixed Game Genie database adjust crash

-Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a preview was loaded
with low memory

-Added a new help system. This includes Controls, Features,
Release Notes, and Frequently Asked Questions.

-Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when changing skins

-Updated to version 0.52 of blargg's library

-Fixed a bug where the GUI and Japanese box art couldn't be
resized until after a game had been started

-ROM browser text adjust fix

-Animated ROM browser character does not reset when moved

-Fixed a bug that caused some PAR codes from the PAR
database to be incorrectly copied.


Delete any previous ZsnexBox.ini files.


EvilGibo for the icon