FrostyTheSnowman & xman954's X2 5035 VGA BIOS v1.0

Disclaimer: I take absolutely no responsibility for what may result from the usage
	    of this BIOS. By using or flashing this BIOS in any way, you are agreeing 
            to be held accountable for what may result from the usage of this BIOS. 
            Use at your own risk.

NOTE: This is not an official Team Xecuter BIOS release. This is an unofficial, 100% VGA-compatible release 
      of the X2 5035 BIOS by myself (FrostyTheSnowman) and xman954. We are not affiliated with Xecuter 
      in any way, and this release is not supported at all by Team Xecuter.

Version 1.0

*Supports Conexant Encoders
*Supports Focus Encoders
*Supports all HD resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080i.
*Supports 'green screen' games!
*Supports ALL 480i Games and Applications!

Known Bugs:

- Not compatible with v1.6/v1.6b XBOX Consoles

- Not compatible with PAL XBOX Consoles (Switch to NTSC for VGA)

- When using a video cable OTHER than a VGA cable, the colors will be incorrect. It is
  advised that you use a Dual BIOS setup, consisting of one VGA BIOS (like this one) and 
  a normal BIOS so that you can still use your XBOX on a regular TV.


Dr. Oldschool - Created first Softmod VGA Solution
masticism - Fixed the 'purple' tint problems in NKPatcher v10-vga10
DVADER - Created first 'Multi-BIOS VGA Patch' (My patcher is roughly based on his work.)
Textbook & leeloo5 - For their great VGA cable tutorials
PunMaster - For his awesome work with code injection on this release
xman954 - For his awesome work on implementing Force480p