This is a liveCD for Linux on the Xbox 360. It is based on the official gentoo
minimal installer named install-ppc64-minimal-2006.1.iso with a few changes to
boot on the Xbox 360 (codename xenon).
Currently, Samsung drives aren't supported, but it will work if you can load the
enable0800 ISO just before loading the cdreader binary via serial.

How does it work ?
Burn gentoo-xenon-minimal-2006.1.iso.
Upload the cdreader binary via serial, this will open the xbox dvd drive.
Put the gentoo-xenon-minimal-2006.1 CD in the drive.
cdreader will automatically start the xell bootloader located at lba 0x20 on
this cd and boot the Linux Kernel.

Where to find more info on Linux for Xbox 360 :
Free60 is a project towards porting GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin and related
open-source operating systems to the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console.

Thanks to :
- Felix alias tmbinc, coded the cdreader binary and xell bootloader, without him,
  nothing would be possible.
- Stonersmurf, did the ISO mastering and gave his help and support on a lot of
  things, many thanks to him.
- The team.


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