Wolf3D for OpenXDK - Legal Port!
by th0mas - th0mas.xbox-scene.com - d0wnlab on xbox-scene forums.

After some newfound interested in the OpenXDK, a workaround was found for 
input handling so input now works 100% (!!), so I guess it's time to release 
some ports :). I bring you a completely legal port of Wolf3D, the classic id 
FPS. It comes all ready to play with the shareware data files - unfortunately 
I don't think the registered datafiles or expansion packs will work at this 
time. If there is interest in getting this to work let me know and I'll see 
what I can do. Anyways, binary release - just unpack and copy to your xbox, 
data directory intact. Source release - have fun, requires OpenXDK from CVS 
or better.

Savegames get reported as corrupted.. but they load fine.
Sound doesn't work
Strafing over an item does not pick it up

triggers to fire
A to open doors
X to strafe, B to run
Start/Back are Enter/Escape

If anyone really can't handle that keymapping let me know and I can change it.