For features and description, please see UnleashX documentation, or the change
logs for the last 3 releases, or so ;).

****	Change Log	****

UnleashX V0.39.0221 Build 572
Version:	0.39 Build 572
Status		Alpha
Release Date:	02/21/2006

*Fixed	InfoText that doesn't have "Width" attribute doesn't show up.
*Fixed	Newsticker only displays the first item after it's done displaying
	the first set of news items. (Continuous only)

*Changed	Copy and Edit screen of Music Player reverted to old style.
		Use MMBorderColor, MMLightBackColor to modify the dialog.

*Added	Copy and Edit screen of Music Player can now have it's own background
	image like the Playlist. Format is:

	<Dialog OffsetX="x" OffsetX2="x2" OffsetY="y" OffsetY2="y2">
		x = offset from left where text should start
		y = offset from top where text should start
		x2 = offset from right (default equals x)
		y2 = offset from bottom. (default equals y)
*Added	Right and Bottom offset for Playlist image. Format is same as the
	<Dialog> node.
*Added	InfoText: Drive Free space in percent format. 2 digit, non-decimal
	format only.
	C_PFree, E_PFree, F_PFree, G_PFree, $C_PFree$, $E_PFree$, $F_PFree$
*Added	Extended DVD Media check. Experimental and haven't been tested as
	I don't use PC-DVD drive. This can be found in Storage setting, under
	DVD Information.
*Added	Music info database for custom soundtracks (music Not ripped via MS-dash).
	This will be placed in the selected music folder and named "Info.xml"
*Added	Custom soundtracks is now listed in music player. Can only be played and 

For some reason, the music getting cut off doesn't happen on my xbox, but I added
extra check, nonetheless. Of course, I cannot test it. If you can tell me or send 
me a sample that does that constantly, that'd be great.