Here's how it works, you cannot view chat/gameroom, that will be for the next build
You can join+launch a game by hitting X in the server list. The application will
look for the game in E:\Games or F:\Games (depending on which build you have)
It will use the name of the gametype from XBC to find what dir to use. For example, if
you are in Halo 2 type games, then the program will try to launch E:\Games\Halo 2\
So if you are in "Halo - Halo Maps -" maps or something, make sure you label
your directories on the xbox accordingly (this will be fixed in future versions)

-> Make sure to change the ip in xtc.ini before copying it over to the xbox
this ip would be  the computer running xbc ie 192.168.1.x

Make sure you have Xbconnect Chat Connected or else xTc wont Work Right.

more info on setting up xTc with xbc at

Known Bugs:
Server parsing overlaps #xbc-xbe-dev is our irc channel

Thanks TeamXBC
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