DoomX - v0.14 Alpha LB version

Just a small update ^_^

What's New
- Added Map Mode/Automapper function. Press 'BACK' button.

DoomX - v0.13 Alpha LB version

What's New
- Mapped the 'Y' keyboard function to the Xbox gamepad's Y button so the game can now be played in Nightmare mode.

- Disabled Xbox flicker filter for a much sharper display.

That's all. Enjoy! ^_^

DoomX - Doom/Doom2 for Xbox Consoles V0.12 Alpha

In true fashion ive released a working alpha of DoomX. while Doom 3 may or may not ever see the light of day on the Xbox here is something to chew on for the time being. This port is a based from the original Doom sources and Bruce Lewis's Win32 WinDoom code, so credit goes to him first and foremost for his work.

To clear it up this version doesnt contain any of the new Doom enhancements such as 3d models, dynamic lights, texture filtering etc this is a standard version of the Doom engine running on Xbox Hardware.

Finally with each release, I have also decided to bundle the source code with it for people to play around with. If youe going to make changes to the code one thing i do ask you to note is:

The source is based off Bruce Lewis' WinDoom source code so if you wind up making a homebrew release it would be appreciated if you credit him, ID software for the original sources , myself for the work done up to this point and of course Superfro, Op-code and Plonkman for the startup screen and finally ExitWound for the background image.

If you make some code changes you'd like to see them in the next release email me and ill try and squeeze them in for you.

Whats Working

Exit Game
Rumble Support

Whats Not

MIDI Sound
CD Sound
Network Code - commented out =p
Other stuff

What May Be Implemented In Future

HDTV support
Keyboard support

If you want to help with any of this stuff, send me your diffs.

How to Install/Play

You *need* a working Xbox mod chip solution, stop reading this if you dont have one.

The archive comes with Doom Shareware WAD file so you can get started quickly.

Burn to a cd the normal way and put either DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD in the same directory as your default.xbe if you want to try out your retail wad files.

Press 'A' to start DoomX in 640x480 mode (looks best but menu and status bar is small - this is by design)

Press 'X' to start DoomX in 320x200 mode (default - but scaled to fit tv screen - this looks generally worse but status bar and Menu are normal size if you prefer it this way. Personally my tip is to stick with 640x480 mode it looks *much* better)

Tested WADS

Doom.wad - Shareware
Doom.wad - Retail
Doom.wad - Final Doom Retail
Doom.wad - Ultimate Doom Retail
Doom2.wad - Shareware
Doom2.wad - retail

Anything else hasnt been tested but should work ok.


Gamepad has the following mappings:

Left Analog Stick up/down 	- Forward/Back
D Up/Down			- Forward/Back
Left Analog Stick left/right    - Strafe Left/Strafe Right
Right Analog Stick left/right 	- Turn Left/ Turn Right
Right Trigger			- Fire
Left Trigger			- Run
A Button			- Use
X Button			- Enter Key
DPad Left/Right			- Cycle weapons
Start Button			- Doom In Game Menu
White/Black			- Cycle thru weapons 


Yes there are bugs. 

DoomX crashes on exit.

Loading Doom2 saves when playing Doom == bad

This is an alpha after all.


ID Software - nuff said

Bruce Lewis - WinDoom sources

ExitWound - background graphics

HyperG & DireW0lf - for testing this release

#xbox-dev crew

General shoutouts to the scene and especially #xbins for their ongoing support to homebrew development.