Miss DrillerX

Miss DrillerX is a clone of the popular game 'Mr.Driller' which some of you might know from the Dreamcast and the GBA.
This game looks and plays almost like the original Mr.Driller,so you should have much fun with it.
This version is based on the Dreamcast-port which was made by IMR (http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/ports.htm).
Visit http://www.geocities.co.jp/Berkeley/2093/driller.htm to get more info about this game (the website is japanese).

How to play
Launcher controls:
DPAD/Left Analogue stick   = scroll through options
A-Button            	   = start the game
Press Right Analogue stick = take a screenshot from the level launcher(saved as 'launcher.bmp' in main game directory)
Black         	    	   = quit to Dashboard

Ingame/menu controls:
Left Analogue stick/DPAD   = move Susumi up/down/left/right
Left Analogue stick        = up/down/left/right for the menu
A-Button            	   = dig
X-Button                   = return from the highscore table

* Added: Mr.Driller main theme for the menu :)
* Changed: some gfx in the menu

* Full sourcecode is included

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