This is again just a hotfix release with some small little additions though

## Full changelog
- Fully fixed that extra byte being added to binary save files. I'm so stupid...
- Categories are scrollable now! No more categories going off-screen :)
- Added a "Checking for updates" dialog when pressing - , so the switch doesn't just freeze up
- The position of the cursor in the title select screen now remembers its position when entering and exiting the editor
- Save files you can edit now display in the correct order once again
- Button icons are drawn a bit higher up now
- DEVELOPERS ONLY: People who want to debug EdiZon or the Editor Scripts but don't want to connect their Switch to a WiFi network can now create a file called `EdiZon.log` inside their `/EdiZon` folder. This will redirect all STDOUT and STDERR to that log file.
- Updated all configs and scripts to the latest version