Version 5.1.1 - Spaceship
Feel free to send me a pull request with your Splash Screen / Bootlogo - Could be that the next version will use your picture :) - Just follow the guide


You need the newest Hekate version (v3.1)

There are a lot of modified versions of this pack going around, I'm not connected, responsible or justifiable for the content of those modifications.

Was a new feature released that you really want to test or you don't trust my binaries? Follow this guide to compile it yourself!


Updated SYS-FTPD
Added more warnings about SYS-FTPD
Fixed "LayeredFS + FTP" not working
This is a small update, what do you expect ...

How to use:

Download Hekate
Download the latest release and extract it to the root of your Switch SD card
Start hekate through e.g. Fusée Gelée, TegraRcmSmash or WebCFWLoader

-Homebrew Menu
-Homebrew Loader